All students will have the opportunity to take at least 9 GCSE’s.

Subjects and can follow courses involving:

  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Double Science
  • Option 1
  • Option 2
  • Option 3
  • Option 4
  • Option 5

Option 1 to Option 5 consist of GCSE’s and BTEC’s such as:

  • History, Geography and French
  • Computer Science, Engineering, Hospitality & Catering, Graphics and Health & Social Care
  • Triple Science, Textiles, Product Design & Technology, PE, Psychology and Drama
  • Spanish, Art & Design with Photography, Construction, Hair & Beauty, Music and Dance
  • Further Maths

Students can also select from additional study skills periods of either English, Maths or Science. The curriculum we offer is broad and balanced.

It challenges students of all abilities and provides opportunities for them to achieve their potential. A wide range of exam qualifications is used, preparing students for progression to training, and further and higher education. All students will have the opportunity to take at least nine GCSE. subjects and can follow courses involving:

  • Students follow courses in the National Curriculum subjects and then have further options to meet individual interests.
  • Students with learning difficulties are in regular groups but receive additional support in the classroom.
  • Students are placed in teaching groups according to their ability and the subjects they have chosen.

The Sixth Form

Any student who has demonstrated a commitment to learning and who has shown a desire for further study is welcomed into the Sixth Form. Sixth formers have their own facilities and study areas which have recently been redecorated. They are expected to take a positive role in the life of the Academy, by taking on responsibility, helping younger students and working in the community. A wide range of courses are offered for students of all abilities. Many of our students go on to Higher Education.

Advanced Levels (AS/A2)

A Levels are Level 3 courses and can be achieved in two parts; year one comprises the AS Level and this can be a freestanding qualification in its own right. However, to achieve a full A Level, students need to complete a further year of study at A2. Students are usually expected to take four AS courses in Year 12, followed by three A2 courses in Year 13. These courses are important not only in broadening what otherwise can be a quite narrow experience but can also help with entry to university. 


Homework is an essential part of preparing for GCSE examinations. Students can expect to receive regular amounts every week from each subject. Each student is given an Organiser in which homework is recorded. We ask parents to support students with their homework by helping to provide the right conditions for work to be done at home and checking that it is being recorded and completed.