A child’s progress is a partnership between home and school. We work in a number of ways to underline and emphasise this partnership.

Links between the College and parents are strong. We do not seek to raise funds through parents but are keen to seek your views. Regular questionnaires are used as well as interviews. Occasional special events are also arranged, such as for the opening of our new computer networks. Parents are also involved through the many community groups and classes.

Home College Partnership Agreement

We ask all parents and students to read, consider and sign this Partnership Agreement. The document sets out what we intend to provide and the standards we are setting for ourselves. It also sets out what we ask you, as parents, to do to support your son or daughter. Most important, it sets out for students what we ask and expect of them. Their progress depends on all three partners fulfilling their obligations to each other. Please contact the Principal if you wish to discuss the Partnership Agreement.

Guidance Evenings

At various points in a student’s career, we offer advice and guidance to parents. The programme currently is: Tutor Evening – for Year 10 parents, immediately students arrive.

Opportunities at 16 Plus – for Year 11 parents facing decisions regarding Post-16 routes. Higher Education – an introduction and guide to the H.E. application process. These evenings often use outside guests and speakers to offer their advice and experience.