Foundation Day – March 2015

Foundation Day

The Foundation Day took place on Thursday 26th March and formally celebrated William Bradford’s transition to a North Warwickshire & Hinckley College-sponsored Academy. The afternoon included student performances from William Bradford Academy and two of our partner schools -Heathfield Academy and Hartshill Academy.  Speeches were made by Marion Plant OBE, CEO of the Midland Academies Trust; Mr James, Principal; Wendy Martin, representing the Board of Governors and many more dignitaries. 

It was a fantastic afternoon which ended with a balloon launch and afternoon tea.


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“Thank you so much for inviting me to William Bradford’s Foundation Day.  The changes since the 1st September are amazing and, as I said, I am so proud to be a governor.  The changes in the students are noticeable.  They’re clearly more involved, more knowledgeable and more self confident.”    Wendy Martin

 “I just wanted to congratulate you on a wonderful afternoon and to thank you for the opportunity to be part of the exciting occasion. There is definitely a very tangible ‘buzz’ about the Academy and you are quite rightly proud of the efforts and talent of your students.  The commitment shown by staff is also very apparent and it is so heartwarming to feel the glow of enthusiasm as you move into a new era of achievement . I particularly loved the spontaneous warmth displayed by all the students when the support staff award was given.

Your Tree of Dreams in Reception is a superb idea and reading some of your student’s hopes and aspirations certainly reminds one of the core values and responsibilities of being in education. It’s vital that young people have as many opportunities as we can offer them to improve themselves –  and to just have someone take them seriously, listen to and believe in them is fundamental to them becoming responsible citizens in the community”.   Jackie Payne 
“Great to attend the William Bradford Foundation Day earlier. Congratulations to all involved, both staff and students!”  Cllr Matthew Hulbert