The Academy


General Academy Information



William Bradford Academy is a co-educational, comprehensive upper school for students ages 14-19. The Academy is a specialist Technology College.

Academy Timings 2015-2016
Registration 08:45-08:55
Period 1 08:55-09:55
Period 2 09:55-10:55
Break 10:55-11:10
Period 3 11:10-12:10
Lunch 12:10-13:05
Period 4 13:05-14:05
Period 5 14:05-15:05
Twilight 15:05-16:05




Academy Leadership Team
Interim Principal  Ms Emma Merry
Assistant Principal (Achievement)  Mr P McPherson
Assistant Principal (Teaching & Learning/SENCO)  Mr J Collins
Assistant Principal (Post 16 & Pastoral) Ms T Pratt
Business Manager Mrs Julie Thompson
Site Manager Mr S Doughty


Equal Opportunities

The Family of Schools aims to prepare students to take their place in the local community, recognising that this is part of the wider multi-racial and multi-cultural society in which we live. We make every educational opportunity available to each student irrespective of gender, race, creed or disability and we aim to promote attitudes and behavior appropriate to a society wishing to eradicate prejudice.

Religious Education and Collective Worship

Parents are entitled to withdraw their children from Religious Education, collective worship and those aspects of sex education outside the National Curriculum. This should be done in writing by addressing a letter to the Principal and supported by an explanation of reason for withdrawal.

At present students study an RE module within core Humanities. Students explore the moral issues that underpin religious beliefs and gain an appreciation of a range of religions and cultures. Students attend assemblies that have opportunities for personal reflection and spiritual development.

Complaints Procedures

Our aim is to resolve complaints, without resorting to a formal procedure, through informal but open and frank discussion.

Parents are welcome initially to raise concerns directly with the relevant staff. If worries persist, they should be addressed to the Principal, who will immediately acknowledge the complaint and aim to respond fully within seven days. Any parents dissatisfied with the Principal’s response should contact the Chair of Governors via the Academy address. A copy of the complaints policy is available on the website.