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School reporter Kye interviews Little Miss Patel about Super Saturday Homework Club

School reporter Callum interviews our aspirational Kye who is setting his sights for the University of Cambridge.

BBC School Report – Netty’s Cookbook

By Shanae and Jemma

Interview 8th February 2016

School Reporter:       What are you planning on doing in the next couple of months?

Netty:                          I’m writing a book filled with recipes of popular foods.

SR:                               Why are you planning on writing a book?

Netty:                          I want to write a book so it can be sold to raise money for pupils so they can buy something that will benefit them at school. Also because people often ask me how to make certain dishes, so instead of giving out copies of recipes, people can find them in my book.

SR:                               Who is getting involved?

Netty:                          Everyone!!! Teachers are able to put forward their favourite recipes to be included in the book and reprographics will print it.

SR:                               When are you aiming to release the book?

Netty:                          Hopefully by Easter.

SR:                               How many copies are you hoping to sell?

Netty:                          Hundred-plus. I want to advertise it on the school website so people can see it and then come into school to collect a copy if they want.

SR:                               How many recipes are you hoping to include in the book?

Netty:                          At least 50, so that there is a variety of dishes.

SR:                               What is going to be in the book?

Netty:                          Anything so that there is a variety. Like: starters, main dishes and desserts. I want to include pictures to make it more interesting.

SR:                               How advanced is the book going to be?

Netty:                          The book is going to be easy, so everyone can get cooking!!!!!

SR:                               Any idea on what you would like the money to be spent on??

Netty:                          Maybe a nice area where the post-16 canteen area is filled with sofas etc. OR To set up some cooking classes for young mums in the area, to show them how to cook delicious nutritious meals from scratch that don’t cost the earth to make.

SR:                               Have you a name for the book?

Netty:                          I’m open to suggestions from pupils – maybe I’ll send out a survey for ideas.

SR:                               Thank you Netty for spending time answering our questions.

Netty:                          You’re welcome.

BBC School Report – STAGEWORKS

By Emma and Chloe

Interview 8th February 2016

Interview with Jenni Hunt about Stageworks

SR:      What is Stageworks and how did it form?

 JH: Stageworks performance is a community theatre company. We are based between Earl Shilton and Barwell. We’re currently are resident at William Bradford Academy and at St Simon and St Judes in Earl Shilton. We are a community theatre company for anyone aged 5 years upwards with no upper age limit so that means we’ve got quite a wide variety of members and we have quite a lot of members with additional needs.

SR:                  So how does it benefit everyone involved?

JH: It gives our members the opportunity to get involved with all aspects of a performance. So whether they want to perform on stage or they want to do lighting or sound or make some costumes and it gives people an experience of working as a team, communication skills and meeting different people. It’s quite nice that we have a mix of different ages and abilities as well because they are people that you wouldn’t see hang out with each other normally and they get to hang out together. We put on some shows which I think are quite good. We just have a good time really and it benefits people in that way.

SR:      What types of productions do you put on?

JH: We put on two productions a year. One of them is pantomime which is usually at the start of February and at the end of June and beginning of July, we do a different show, it’s a musical of some sort. Sometimes we might do a musical everybody knows; in the past we’ve done Mary Poppins, the Wizard of Oz. We might do a compilation show where it’s bits from different shows. The next show that we’ve got is a show called Dazzle which is a show that a lot of people won’t know. They’re quite family friendly, the shows that we do.

SR:      Why would you encourage people to participate?

JH: I think the theatre is a great place for everyone to get involved with. It brings out confidence, you can meet new people. It’s great when you see people that don’t think they can do something and are really nervous to start with and they flourish and surprise themselves. I really think there is a place for everyone.

SR:      Please sum up stage works in three words.

JH: Part of our mission statement was to make all areas of the theatre accessible to all so ‘accessible to all’ would be our three words.