Examination Results 2014 & Successes

William Bradford is a small College where every student is known and valued.  Despite our small size, we are able to offer 11 A Level subjects and 6 Level 3 BTEC subjects ensuring that all career pathways are open to our students.

The overall pass rate for Year 13 students is marginally below the national average. However, the mean grade secured by all students at the College increased to a C grade this year (D grade in 2013). The pass rate for top grades is significantly above the national average and highlights successes across the traditionally academic, applied and vocational subjects.

Some individual sets of grades are nothing short of stupendous.

These grades are the result of two years of hard work under considerable pressure.  I am genuinely pleased for them, their skilled teachers and their families who have given them consistent support.

Amongst these successes were the notable achievements of the following students:

  • Chloe Rowley secured 1 A* grade, 1 A grade and 2 B grades.  She plans to study History and Politics at Sheffield University.

  • Chloe Tillin secured 3 A grades and 1 B grade.  She plans to study Chemistry at Bristol University.

  • Ellie Wright gained 2 A grades and 1 B grade.  She plans to read Sociology at Durham University.

  • Alice Payne gained 1 A grade, 1 B grade and 1 C grade.  She plans to study English at De Montfort University.

  • Alice Allcock who secured 2 B grades and 1 C grade.  She plans to study Physical Education & Sports Coaching at Chichester University.

Of the students who studied a blend of A Levels, Vocational and Applied qualifications notable achievements were secured by:

  • Katie Hall who secured 2 B grades and 2 Distinction * grades.  She has gained a place at Loughborough to study Criminology.

  • Lucy Watkins gained triple Distinction in her BTEC Art and Design course and has secured a place at De Montfort University to study Contour Design.

  • Jordan Light who secured 2 Distinction * grades and will study Computer Programming at De Montfort University.

  • Chris McCall who secured 2 Distinction * grades and will study PE and Sport at Greenwich University.

  • Congratulations are well deserved for the whole year group.  They have done themselves, their College and their families very proud indeed.  I wish them all well for what I am sure will be bright futures.

The headline figures (for A Levels and BTECs combined): 









National Average 2014

Gap between WBCC grades and those of the the national average

Overall pass rate (A* – E)




(84/86 entries)


– 0.4%

A* / A




(35/86 entries)



A* / B




(49/86 entries)



A* / C

Not collected



(69/86 entries)

Not collected


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