The designated senior person for safeguarding at William Bradford Academy is Ms E Merry, Principal.

Could YOU spot the signs for extremist behaviour? Why not try the link below and find out.

Child Sexual Exploitation – Could YOU Spot the Signs?

DO you know what a NUDE SELFIE is?

Please click here to view a leaflet designed specifically for Parents/Carers

Please click here to view a video relating to keeping children safe from The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP).

NPSCC website link to information relating to self harming:

Child & Adolescent Mental Health – YoungMinds

Please click the link below to access a useful website relating to the above:

Stop online abuse:

Get Involved in Mental Health Awareness Week (11-17 May 2015)

Leicestershire Safeguarding Board –

Safeguarding ICT & Cyber Safety –

Free from Violence and Abuse – 

Below are some leaflets which provide parents with further information in relation to Safeguarding Children




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Protecting your child online.pdf
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private_tutoring_leaflet -parent section.pdf
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