Parent Forum

William Bradford Academy is looking to involve and engage families and parents of our students by way of a Parents/Family forum. ‘Being the best’ and wanting the best for our students is an important ethos of the academy. It is in this context that we would like to know what ‘Being the best’ means to your young person and family as it relates to their education and future. Your opinions thoughts and ideas are valuable and important.

 We already have a small group of parents/family members who are already contributing towards the direction and future of not only their young person’s education at WBA, but that of the Academy, by being part of a ‘Parents/Family forum’. The forum is intended to be part of a partnership between the families, students and Academy to discuss, share and explore ideas in providing the very best for every student and the local community.

 So if you are interested in being a part of this forum and would like to discuss this further either via email or face to face, Ms Karen Almey (email: ) has volunteered her time to start this process and further build upon the small group that already exists. Our aim is to have a Parents/Family forum for the parents, families and students of William Bradford Academy, that is ran by the parents, families and students of the Academy.

 We very much look forward to hearing from you,