General Arrangements

Supervision Before & After Academy Hours

The Academy day commences at 8.45 am and finishes at 3.05 pm. Students will be supervised in the academy for 10 minutes before the day commences (8.35 am) and ten minutes after it finishes (3.15 pm). The academy does not accept responsibility for students in the academy at other times with the exception of organised activities before or after school, when the organising members of staff will be responsible for students involved in their activity.

Lunchtime Arrangements

Students should stay on site, within the designated areas. Students wishing to go home for lunch must have parental permission. A pass is issued when parental permission has been given. Note: Students are not allowed to loiter at the local shops during lunchtime.

Severe Weather Procedures

In the event of severe weather, the decision to close the academy rests with the Principal who will inform the local radio station. The radio stations that will mention about the school closures are BBC Radio Leicester, Leicester Sound & Oak FM.

Lost Property

Lost property is held in Reception. Anything found by students should be handed in to Reception for safe keeping. Similarly, if property is lost, then Reception should be contacted after a normal search has been done. The staff on reception may require proof of ownership before handing over property.

With the exception of Work Experience, the County Council does not carry personal accident insurance for the benefit of pupils injured during school activities. Claims for damages have to show negligence by a County Council employee. Personal accident insurance schemes are available for parents to arrange if they so wish, and enquiries should be addressed to the Principal.