Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the vision for the new school?

  • Enabling all students to ‘be the best they can be’
  • Ensuring all students have access to the best pathways through their education to help them progress into the very best further/higher education and employment
  • Working with and for the local community and being a ‘beacon of excellence’ for the local area

The Midland Academies Trust (in conjunction with North Warwickshire and Hinckley College) provide the challenge, expertise and support to enable this mission to become a reality.

What will change with the new school?

Our aim is to retain everything that is Outstanding about Heathfield and build upon the continuing success seen at William Bradford, this year enjoying the best GCSE results ever, and the most improved GCSE results in Leicestershire.

We will continue to offer a broad and balanced curriculum of subjects that enable young people to be successful in education and beyond. We will always ensure the children and young people are cared for and empowered to become fully rounded individuals, ready for the challenges of further education and employment.

Outside of the curriculum we will continue to offer exciting opportunities in sports, leadership, entrepreneurism, and performing arts as well as a huge variety of trips and activities

Where will the new school be?

The new school will be on one site from 2016. We are currently operating as two schools, across two sites with some shared teaching staff. The decision as to which is the preferred site can be found in the press release above.

How many will be in each year group in the new school?

We want to retain the small, community and family feeling of both schools. Therefore we are intending to have year groups at the current levels of around 120 rising to around 150 as the school becomes more established. We believe it is one of our strengths that all the young people are known individually and known well. No child is lost in the crowd in our school.

Have any of the admissions requirements changed? E.g. catchment areas, intake number, over-subscription criteria?

No, the local governing bodies of both schools agreed ‘no-changes’ of the admissions policy for 2016. This is available on both school’s websites.

How do I apply to your school/the new school for a 2016 start?

Because the new school does not open until 2016 – it does not appear on the local authority admissions website. Parents will still need to select The Heathfield Academy for entry into Year 7 and William Bradford Academy for entry into year 10 and 12.

All admissions for Year 7, 10 and 12 into the new school will be made through the LA admissions website and process. Links to the admissions page can be found above.

What about transport?

A school bus service runs from the school to Sapcote and Stoney Stanton. If you have other travel questions please talk to us. We may be able to help with getting your child to our school.