Brandon Veasey Meets the Duke of York

Brandon Veasey Feature Image

On 14th of April I attended a Royal visit, from the Duke of York (Prince Andrew), the royal visit took place at Hypnos Beds in Castle Donington, I was there to act as an entrance party for the Duke of York, which entailed saluting him as he entered the building and exits the building.

The picture is at the Leicestershire county council building, when I received the award of becoming one of three Lord Lieutenant’s cadets for Leicestershire for the year, this role involves accompanying Lady Gretton to events that she attends on behalf of the Queen such as memorial parades that take place (Armed Forces Day), as well as attending other activities, one of which was taking part in a memorial play which involved me laying a wreath on stage in front of an audience on 11th of November 2015 – Brandon Veasey Post 16