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Press release June 2015

Ex-student comes back to William Bradford Academy

Matt Stocks, now a second year undergraduate student at Leeds Beckett University is reading History. As an Intern at William Bradford he is spending two weeks in the History and English departments.

Matt will complete his BA honours programme in June 2016, and is hoping to then join the PGCE programme at Leicester University to teach History.

Matt has this to say about wanting a teaching career: that it seems to be in his blood, as both mum and dad are teachers. He loves being in a classroom, helping students to learn and be aspirational.

As an ex-student, Matt states his career choice is also to do with being impressed with the teachers at William Bradford. During his time, at the then Community College, he was the Head Boy, and was aware how warm, caring and encouraging the teachers were. He has this to say ‘I look at what the teachers did and I have to acknowledge WBCC’s contribution to where I am today.’

At the time the school went back into Special Measures, and Matt is impressed at the changes he sees today: ‘there have been many improvements and the school is getting back to where it needs to be…We do look out for each other and are a small community.’

Matt states being at Leeds has given him a better understanding of the world and the opportunity to meet new people that he would not have met locally. Moving away has clarified for him that he wanted to come back and help local people and the area.


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